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10 Home Hacks To Implement In The New Year

We are always looking for ideas to make our lives easier and our home function better, and there are some great hacks out there that can help. We have curated a top ten list for the New Year.

1. Polka dot your walls

We love this idea for a homemade stencil. All you need is an old laundry basket and some tape. Adhere, paint, and, voila: polka dot walls!

2. Shine up your copper

Personally, we love the look of natural copper, but if you want to shine it up, there’s an easy fix: ketchup. Yes, your favorite condiment is also a great polish. Squirt it on, top it with salt, rub rub rub, and then wipe clean. You can also use ketchup, or vinegar for that matter, to clean brass.

3. Trap hair

How many times have you had to call the plumber for a clogged drain only to have them remove a mass of hair and other items that were causing a water flow issue? Gross, right? This $12 tool from Amazon can fix that.

“Fixing a clogged drain in your shower is never fun, which is why people went nuts over this invention,” said Good Housekeeping. “It captures hair and other debris and all you have to do is remove the gadget once a month and wipe it clean with a tissue.”

4. Organize just about anything

Who says shoe holders are only for shoes? This is a great way to organize cleaning supplies, kids’ small toys or stuffed animals, or winter gloves and scarves.

5. Create more shoe storage

Of course, you may not want to give up an inch of shoe storage, and we can relate. This creative idea for how to turn a nook into a shoe closet can give you the added storage you need without giving up valuable space.

6. Get your stainless steel appliances clean

“Stainless steel appliances seem to be stained with fingerprints constantly. But to give them a good, clean shine, all you need is a microfiber cloth (or just a soft cloth) and some rubbing alcohol,” said Clark. “If you really want to get your stainless steel super clean — depending on how big of a clean freak you are (I’m a big one…) — you can use a few drops of olive oil! Check out this video to see how it works.”

7. Repurpose your wine rack

Now this one may elicit some strong feelings. The thought of giving up a wine rack to use as a towel rack can be polarizing, and we get it. But the idea here is to look beyond a typical use for any product to see if it can provide a solution somewhere else in your home.

8. Easy glitter clean-up

This one will come in handy for cleaning up after your New Year’s celebration. “If you like to keep things tidy, glitter is probably your worst nightmare. The good news is that there is actually a solution to your problem,” said Clark. “Just use a ball of Play-Doh to pick up all those little glitter pieces!”

9. Hang art in a cinch

We are suckers for any type of help with hanging art, and this is one of the best and easiest tricks we’ve seen yet.

10. Polish up scratched furniture and floors

An easy way to improve the lookof your wood items without having to buy expensive and/or toxic products: Use a walnut. “Walnuts. Not only are they high in antioxidants; they can also extend the life of your worn wooden furniture,” said The Star. “Got scratches in finished wood? Simply rub a nut along the grooves and watch them vanish before your eyes.”

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