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    Easy Curb Appeal Updates For 2020!

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    Does curb appeal matter if you are trying to flip a house? Yes it does! Research claims that buyers can decide if they would be willing to buy a house within the first eight seconds of seeing the property. What will potential home-buyers see in the first eight seconds after driving up to your property? If you’re listing a house soon and want to see immediate interest, give the below tips a try in order to update your curb appeal and get your home sold fast.

    Tidy Up The Yard

    You may not have the time or the money to invest in brand new landscaping, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the yard look clean. You can buy mulch in bulk at Home Depot for cheap. Having mulch is the easiest way to transform your yard and make it look neat and fresh. Plant some new flowers in pots placed near your front door, and add a new welcome mat. Finally, Mow the lawn and trim branches.

    Clear The Pathways

    It’s simple enough to get out the hose and spray away all leaves from sidewalks and walkways. Large piles of leaves in the backyard and front can be a turnoff to potential home-buyers because it may make them think that the yard is hard to take care of or that the home is unkempt.

    Paint or Power Wash?

    Take a walk around your home and inspect the exterior. Do you notice any peeling or chipped paint? It may be time to consider repainting the exterior. Check the walkways, windows, and smaller details that are looking drab. A fast power wash can help transform these areas without costing a fortune. You can easily rent a power washer if you don’t have one.

    Add Color

    Consider updating your front door for a fresh, new look. Add a pop of color by painting your front door if you don’t have the funds to update the whole house with a fresh paint. A new entry can return between 75–100% of your investment. Follow the above tips for some easy curb appeal fixes to sell your home quickly in 2020. Good luck!

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