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Here are some 2018 Pool ideas you can dive into!

2018 Pool Trends To Dive Into

School’s out, for summer. And that means one thing: Time to GET IN THAT POOL! If you’re spending another long, hot summer wishing you had a pool of your own, it might be time to take that leap. This quick guide will give you the latest updates on pool trends, whether you have a micro-budget or are shooting for the moon.

Beach entry or tanning ledges

Infinity edges continue to grow in popularity for their sleek look and resort feel, but they’re not always so practical if you have a family – which is why many homeowners are incorporating beach entries and tanning ledges to their pools. “Got kids? If so, you might want to consider incorporating a shallow section into your pool design,” said Pulliam Pools. “A beach entry (aka zero depth entry) is a designed with a gradual sloped entry from the deck into the water, like a natural beach. No stairs or ladders are necessary to enter the pool.” A tanning ledge is another option that both kids and adults enjoy because it offers a shallow stretch that’s perfect for partially submerging yourself, or a lounge chair.

Color, color, color

One of the newest pool trends being embraced by homeowners is color. We’re not talking red or fuchsia here, but deeper versions of the colors you’re accustomed to seeing. “For pools, more intense or darker colors are being used, not just for the drama, but for their relaxation value,” said Lyon Financial. “Pool interiors coated in azures and cobalt blues lend themselves to a lagoon-like effect: deep, dark, and soothing. Even if used for highlight surfaces or on accent pieces, the benefit of these colors makes the space feel welcoming, yet a little more luxurious for the vivid stage they set.”

Smart Pools

Of course the smart home trend would extend to pools, right?! If you’re getting ready to build a pool or at least researching options, this is one element you will definitely want to consider.

“With new Wi-Fi enabled products that connect to your smartphone, you can care for your pool from anywhere, at any time,” said Shoreline Pools. “In addition, smart pool switches and smart pool monitors make your pool easier to care for, but also give your pool a cool factor sure to wow your guests. Automate parts of your pool maintenance and lighting by installing smart switches.”

Mini pools

Who says you have to have a giant yard to be able to build a pool? Mini pools continue to grow in popularity, giving homeowners the luxury of a home swimming pool in a smaller size and at a lower cost. “The luxury of being able to enjoy a pool in the home is not constrained by space,” said The Cool Pool. “In 2018, the pool will become a luxury domestic object, of a modest size, minimalist in design and made of materials that will fit in with the interior décor of our homes.”

According to Homeadvisor, “The base cost for a small pool is around $10,000. An average size swimming pool is around 14×28 feet with a typical depth of around 6 1/2 feet. Compare that to the average cost of a traditionally sized pool – $48,581 is the current national average – and it’s easy to see why this is an attractive option.

Splash Pad Play Surfaces

Maybe a pool isn’t the answer for you or, in addition to a pool, you want a kid-friendly entertainment zone. Splash pads are a growing trend and one that pay themselves back in smiles. “A commercial waterpark element that’s gaining popularity in residential markets is the splash pad,” said Aqua Magazine. “Safe, relatively affordable and exciting to kids, these play areas delight with vertical and unpredictable sprays of water, and as the water is not contained within a vessel, the safety factor is a big plus.”


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