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The HOME Mixtape!

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By: Julie Ryan Evans

Are you celebrating moving into your brand-new home? Or are you setting up a charcuterie board for a housewarming party? Maybe you’re singing the homeowner’s blues, with the drip, drip, drip of a leaky roof setting a steady beat. Whatever the case may be, there’s probably a song out there that reflects your current housing situation.

So we made you a playlist.

In the soundtrack of our lives, the places we live play a large role. It’s no wonder that artists have found inspiration in them. Songs about homes span genres from rock to country, rap, and beyond—covering a whole host of emotions.

Whether you’re missing your childhood home, or you’re celebrating heading home after a long trip, there’s a tune to match your mood. Here are a few of our favorites for your perfect mixtape.

If you’re signing on a home: ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic

OK, sure, technically this song is about a bar closing.

However, with a title like “Closing Time” and a chorus with the lyrics “Take me home” on repeat, well, we wouldn’t blame you if you blasted this pop song on a boombox once you get the keys to your new home at the closing table.

For moving day: ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ by John Denver

Even if you’re not moving to West Virginia (and don’t know a mountain mama) this song is still the perfect moving song. When you’re in that moving truck headed to your new home, just remember to sing along to John Denver, no matter what road you’re on, country or freeway.

Yep, we can see you now, covered in packing tape and packing peanuts, headed to your new house singing, “Take me home/To the place I beloooong…”

To get a housewarming party started: ‘My House’ by Flo Rida

Are you gearing up for a housewarming party to celebrate unpacking that final box? Time to put on some Flo Rida and crank the volume.

When your guests stroll up, they’ll immediately feel welcome when they hear the rapper sing, “Welcome to my house/Play that music too loud/Show me what you do now/We don’t have to go out.”

Just maybe consider inviting the neighbors, so no one gets upset about your too loud music.

If you say you didn’t at least hum this song when you bought your first house, you might perhaps be just too young to know it.

“Our House,” released in 1982, paints a scene in the daily life of a working-class family.

With lines like, “Father wears his Sunday best/Mother’s tired, she needs a rest/The kids are playing up downstairs/Sister’s sighing in her sleep,” it all perfectly describes a typical, hectic day at home sweet home.

To remember your childhood home: ‘The House That Built Me’ by Miranda Lambert

For anyone with sentimental ties to a homestead, this song nails that nostalgia.

Miranda Lambert sings about a woman revisiting her childhood home in an attempt to find herself: “Won’t take nothin’ but a memory/From the house that built me.”

The song was originally written for her ex-husband, Blake Shelton, yet the lyrics closely match Lambert’s own life. Turns out her family actually built a home themselves—then lost it when their family business collapsed. Grab the tissues before listening.

For happy homeowners: ‘This House Is Not for Sale’ by Jon Bon Jovi

If there’s no for sale sign in your front yard and you intend to keep it that way, this song may be your anthem. Whether you live in New Jersey or not, Bon Jovi is right there with you, “Standing on the dirt/Where they’ll dig my grave.”

So whether you’re sweating those mortgage payments or just want some inspiration, turn up the volume on this song to stay committed to the cause: your house!

For tackling a renovation: ‘Anna Sun’ by Walk the Moon

While the title doesn’t give it away, this song will be all too familiar to many homeowners—particularly those whose homes are in need of a bit of repair.

Feel free to sing along to the lyrics “What do you know? This house is falling apart/What can I say? This house is falling apart/We got no money/But we got ha-heart.”

Heart won’t fix that leaky roof, but this song might make dealing with it a bit easier when you play it on repeat.

If you’re missing home: ‘Home’ by Michael Bublé

In this sentimental number, Michael Bublé croons about missing home and the loved ones who inhabit those four walls.

Everyone can identify with these lyrics at some point while they’re traveling far from home.

When he sings, “Another summer day/Has come and gone away/In Paris and Rome/But I wanna go home,” we all get it.

Buble wrote this hit song for his fiancée at the time, Debbie Timuss—and went on to write about their breakup in the song “Lost.”

Searching for your new home? Look no further:

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