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Twas the Week Before Christmas!

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Twas the week before Christmas,

And despite what the media has said;

Purchase loans and refinance activity,

Are far from dead!

Buyers are still making offers,

On homes both large and small.

Despite their faulty belief,

That all of the shopping is done at the mall!

So don’t pay attention,

To those who would say otherwise.

Mortgage loan volume,

Still continue to set new highs!

While this year has been unlike,

Any other we have seen.

The desire to own and refinance,

Are still picking up steam!

I will leave you with good tidings,

As a coach to some of the best;

Don’t miss out on opportunities available,

While others party and rest!

There are renters wanting to own,

Trade-uppers looking to sell and buy;

And let us not forget those,

Who have yet to Refi!

Enjoy some time with your family,

Make sure to have some well-deserved fun;

But it will serve you well to remember,

To take your momentum with you into 2021!


Have a Very Merry Christmas this year from The RVA Group Realty!

We hope it brings you nothing but joy & warmth.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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