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Welcome to The RVA Group Realty

Welcome to The RVA Group Realty & Property Management, your trusted partner in property management and real estate investment in Richmond, VA! Our mission is to help you achieve financial freedom, one property at a time.

At The RVA Group Realty & Property Management , we pride ourselves in providing top-tier customer service, tailored to cater to your rental investment needs. We are more than just a real estate company in Richmond, VA; our mission is to ensure all our clients enjoy the best rental experience possible.

Why Hire Us

Why Hire Us?

You’ll make more money – and spend less time maintaining your investment.
Some people assume that property management is expensive - but that’s not the case at all. You will actually make more money in the long run due to better quality Residents that stay longer and less damage or repairs to deal with.

Eliminate the constant run around!
It can feel like a full time job dealing with repairs, complaints, collecting rent and coordinating vendors – and a constant state of stress. Transferring these responsibilities to a good property manager allows you to enjoy the benefits without spending all your free time working.

Better screening process = Better Residents!
Because of our application tools and extensive resources, we can screen more Residents, and with more filters. We often have a waiting list of potential renters.

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